Most common psychiatric disorders: Depression – Bipolar Disorder – Schizophrenia – PTSD


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Σοφία Παφίλη


Γράφει ο Dr. Mohammed Yusuf MD PHD MS, Neuropsychiatry Consultant in Mouwasat hospital KSA.

Depression considered one of the mood disorders mainly sad mood with loss of interest and loss of pleasure
associated with disturbed appetite, sleep, psychomotor activity and guilt with lost energy.
Caused mainly due to decreased serotonin and norepinephrine in human brain
The main station for therapy is medicine and psychotherapy like CBT.

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Schizophrenia is chronic disorder of human thinking, cognition, perception, behaviour and emotions
Caused mainly due to increase dopamine in certain area of the brain leading to delusions and hallucinations
associated with disturbed speech and behaviour.
Mainl treated by antipsychotic with psychotherapy


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